The Land of Unlimited Opportunities
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Our Mission

Tabar Tours, a proven and known tourism operator, is constantly elevating the travel, safety and accommodation standards in Israel. Whether its religious tours, business, professional and training tours, or just casual getaways, Tabar Tours has the perfect formula to transform your stay in Israel into an unforgettable experience, regardless of the purpose of your visit.

Israel, the Startup Nation, has become a force to reckon with on multiple fronts. Its military prowess is well documented, so are its technological capabilities in multiple sectors. People all around the world are now being attracted to this tiny, yet powerful and influential country.

Tabar Tours works with the best professionals in Israel. We collaborate with trusted agencies and third-party businesses and have exclusive access to the best experts, professionals, and lecturers. Tabar Tours will set up and polish every aspect of your trip, making you feel at home as soon as you step foot in Israel.